Budget Kitchen Stainless Steel Canopy/Hood

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Kitchen Stainless Steel Canopy/Hood-
Manufacturing Time 7-14 days

Sizes:- 3ft (1m), 6ft (2m), 9ft (3m) & 12ft (4m)

A commercial kitchen canopy is essential for keeping commercial kitchen safe and comfortable to work in. Designed to draw grease, fumes and hot air away from working environment and free from unpleasant cooking odours.

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 Canopy 3ft- 1m
 Canopy 6ft. 2m
 Canopy 9ft- 3m
 Canopy 12ft- 4m
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Design service available to layout canopy for the correct size of extraction system (fan, ductwork etc) for actual size of Kitchen and appliances to be used under the canopy.

Canopies are designed in accordance to DW/172. The canopies are applied with poly coated film to prevent scratches, which can be easily removed after installation.

3ft  Stainless Steel Canopy (900mm wide x 700mm deep) - 1 x washable stainless steel baffle grease filter.

6ft Stainless Steel Canopy (1800mm x 1200mm deep) - 2 x washable stainless steel baffle grease filters.

9ft Stainless Steel Canopy (2800mm wide x 1200mm deep) - 4 x washable stainless steel baffle grease filters.

12ft Stainless Steel Canopy (3660mm wide x 1200mm deep) - 5 x washable stainless steel baffle grease filters.